Liberté Egalité Wecantpé



In 1999 UCL students occupied the university in protest at tuition fees. This site is to reconnect occupiers. The aim is to meet up on the anniversary next year and to catch up with each other in the mean time. We’re also hoping to record the history of the occupation, it’s not going to make the alumni magazine, but resistance to fees is part of UCL’s history and our own.

Were you in the occupation? Get in touch!


Photo album find

An album of black and white photos of the occupation have been found. Visiting student Kerim took part in the occupation from the start, and had his camera with him. Which are the doors we’re going in to there? The big banner in the second pic was painted by a group of us, Dan remembers Che had an excellent idea to hang it from the portico using his climbing skills. Recognize yourself or other familiar faces in this picture?

Occupation archive recovered from cupboard.

20180210_221632.jpgA few people involved in the occupation have talked for while about looking back on it and catching up with people.  But the discovery of a box at a location in Old Street sparked this into life. A large plastic box (pictured) was discovered at the back of a cupboard. We still haven’t looked at all the contents yet, but it includes the occupations’ news sheets which were handed out to other UCL students at the time of the occupation, flyers and bailiff eviction papers.

Tapes recovered excitement!

IMG-20180208-WA0008And we were watching..

People who took part in the occupation might remember this familiar sight. Terry was usually on hand with his camera to film what was going on. This is a common tactic now with demonstrators using phones to record and discourage violence directed towards them. Terry’s camera was a bit bigger than a smart phone but still portable. Then people were less likely to have the kit but cameras and videos were still used to catch what was happening. And the exciting bit is that Terry recently got in touch to say the tapes still exist! The next step is seeing if the VHS tapes still work and the footage can be transferred. Cliffhanger..